TERA Rising Beginners Guide

TERA Rising Beginners Guide

TERA Rising Beginners Guide


Now that TERA Rising has gone free to play an enormous influx of users have started to join the servers. With that in mind I decided to write a pretty basic TERA Rising Beginners Guide for all those who might be starting out in the game.

This is a basic guide, if you’re looking for an all encompassing guide, I suggest you use this Tera Guide.

TERA Rising Beginners Guide: Classes

The classes are Archer, Berserker, Lancer, Mystic, Priest, Slayer, Sorcerer, and Warrior. Oddly enough, TERA’s skill based combat makes it so there really isn’t a class that is better than another. But with only two slots, I’m sure you want to pick one that you can have fun with.

Ranged Damage Dealers: Archer, Sorcerer, and to a lesser extent Mystic and Priests

Burst Damage: Berserker, Slayer, Sorcerer

Sustained DPS: Archer, Warrior

Tanks: Lancer, Warrior

Healer: Mystic, Priest

TERA Rising Beginners Guide: Races

Each race has a set of racial abilities. They are pretty generic in nature and not gamebreaking. Don’t worry about them since you they won’t really change the game.

Elins and Poporis have small hit boxes and longer range. Outside of this, all the races function pretty much the same. Go by the ones you like the most.

TERA Rising Beginners Guide: Getting Started

Upon entering the world you should take a moment to get acquainted with the controls. After that start completing quests. Questing is the fastest way to level. Do not skip quests unless you have out leveled them. You don’t want to get stuck in the last few levels grinding the same mobs because you rushed a bit early on.

Once you hit various levels you will want to purchase skills. I normally don’t recommend going back every time there is a new skill otherwise leveling takes that much longer. Only when mobs/quests start getting difficult should you go back and purchase them. Everything should go smoothly until level 20.

TERA Rising Beginners Guide: Glyphs

Glyphs are sort of your talent tree in TERA Rising. No matter you class you will want to go to Velika as soon as you hit level 20 and purchase your glyphs and set them up. The more glyphs you gain, the more powerful and diverse your talent build can become.

TERA Rising Beginners Guide: Dungeons

As you progress through the main quest lines you will automatically come into contact with the dungeons. Make sure you have the quests for the dungeons for the experience. You have the option of creating a group or joining one in progress, but most players opt to use the instance matching system which will automatically connect you to players. Personally, I always recommend finding a good group of players to play with instead of using these systems.

TERA Rising Beginners Guide: Crystals

Crystals are weapon/armor attachments that increase your stats. You should be using them regularly. I know some people have the habit of saving Crystals until they find that special piece of armor. That’s bad, don’t do it. Use them right away because you should be replacing armor regularly anyway until you hit higher levels. They make a big difference to your power and will increase the speed you level.

TERA Rising Beginners Guide: PvP

For those who want a little more adventure, players who follow the quests will notice that at level 11 they are able to activate PvP mode. Remember, killing low levels will add to your Infamy. If you manage to get your Infamy high, kill mobs your level and it will speed up the decay process of Infamy.

Remember while leveling that PvP is fun, but don’t sit there farming lowbies.

TERA Rising Beginners Guide: Brokerage

The Brokerage is the auction house. Like all MMOs get yourself acquainted with the auction house and prices so when you go out killing stuff you know what items you can sell for profit and which ones you can vendor.

TERA Rising Beginners Guide: Guilds

Remember that guilds play a major role in MMOs from supplying a social environment to helping with dungeons or questions. Join a guild as early as you can and make sure they are fun and active. Nothing beats being in a group with a bunch of social people.


Do you want to reach max level fast and rock at PvP?

If you do, I recommend Veliks Guide. The guide is extremely detailed and will help you map out your quests, builds, goals, and gear. The guide has this information for all the classes making it one of the best resources for TERA Rising. I highly recommend it.