Raiderz Berserker Build PvP

Raiderz Berserker Build PvP

Berserkers can be looked at as the cookie cutter class of Raiderz. They are very easy to play initially but at high levels players find themselves fumbling with Berserkers. Berserker class is heavily dependent on stamina and timing in order to stay alive, but when played well they can offer massive damage for the group. In PvP they are exceptional dualists since they can keep an enemy knocked down for almost the entire fight if timing is right. Build taken from Lucarda’s Raiderz blog. This Raiderz Berserker Build focuses on huge burst and some lifesavers.


Pros and Cons:



Heavy Damage

Knockdowns galore

High HP



In melee range

Stamina depletes quickly

Only one heal


Skill Build:


Tier 1:


5/5 Crush: Your main damage dealing ability as well as a powerful knockdown. This skill should be taken immediately and a point put in pretty much every chance until maxed. This is insanely powerful in PvP.


1/3 Dodge Attack: You will very rarely be using this skill, instead taking it as part of your combos and to get to upward strike.


5/5 War Weapon Mastery: 10% increase to damage. Enough Said.


Tier 2:


1/3 Neutralize: Key combo starter and interrupt for players and mobs alike. This skill is necessary but only the first point. In most cases the CD reduction will not save you and it’s not a main damage dealing ability.


1/3 Berserk: Triggering the outrage effect on command is important in PvP where you may not have the ability to land consecutive shots. It also leads into your heal.


Tier 3:


5/5 Nocturne: Instant cast extremely powerful attack. Each level increases its damage by 60% offering one of the best returns on investments. This is a devastating attack.


1/3 Furious Dash: Mandatory skill for PvP chasing and escaping.


3/3 No Mercy: Increased critical damage. Enough said.


Tier 4:


1/3 Upward Strike: Dodge and counter attack with an expose weakness. Nice skill overall but doesn’t warrant more than one point. You will primarily be using this to set up Crushing.


3/3 Tranquility: Extremely valuable in PvP. Not only is this your life saver when you need an emergency heal, it also restores stamina so you can escape or keep going.


Tier 5:


1/3 Bash: Taken primarily for the knockback. Although this skill can be a lifesaver it is also one of the most annoying skills a Berserker can use when he knocks a dead enemy to freedom.


2/2 Grievous Wound: Overall great skill. Decreases targets movement speed so you can chase them when they start to run off. Helps with annoying mobs in PvE and PvP. This is a mandatory skill.


Tier 6:


1/5 Crushing: Would put five points here if I could. Although it can only chain after crush or upward strike it is a powerful attack. PvP favors this skill since you normally will jump in and blow up on the enemy. A three second CD means you can go in, Crush, Crushing, Upward Strike, Crushing for mammoth damage.


1/1 Escape: It can save your life in PvE when you get in over your head, as well as PvP. It’s a mandatory skill for PvP.

Tier 7:


1/3 Tornado: AoE damage skill that offers four strikes. This skill has close to the output of Nocturne in AoE form. This is one of those skills that I wish we could max out right now.


1/3 Controlled Madness: This skill increases your damage output huge. If another player in the group is targeted, feel free to go Hulk on their asses and smash.


1/2 Blood of the Berserker: When you get hit, you gain power. This is the core principle behind a Berserker, and lets be honest, you’re going to be hit a lot.

Why no Armageddon Crush?

Realistically, In this Raiderz Berserker Build Berserkers use so much stamina that in most cases you won’t even use this skill. It’s a lot like buffalo charge in that multiple strikes are nice and all, but you’re not going to spend stamina on them with your alternatives.

Why no Buffalo Charge?

Adding another skill isn’t necessary in this Raiderz Berserker Build. In PvP this skill can cause mammoth amounts of damage, but so can crush. I’m not opposed to buffalo charge if you want to use it since it’s not a bad initiator, I just don’t like using it since it really doesn’t lead into anything. I know a lot of people who like to Crush, Crushing, Buffalo Charge for large damage.



Chain. Some players opt to go plate but you’re a damage dealer. Chain is the way to go since it offers the most strength which will result in a huge increase to damage.



Great sword. Some people opt for hammer but I don’t see a point unless you’re hybrid Cleric. Great swords have the highest damage output.



For this Raiderz Berserker Build Gem Strength. You’re not a tank, you’re a damage dealer. Strength is your primary damage dealing stat and should be compounded. A certain argument can be made to use Agility since it will increase crit damage and in PvP crit is awesome, but you have plenty without gemming for it and having higher damage increases your crit damage.



Berserkers require great timing and stamina management to be effective. Although they are the cookie cutter class they can be classified as easy to pick up, hard to master because of stamina management. The major mistake most Berserkers make is they blow all their CDs and have no way to avoid damage. In PvP good use of Escape, Furious Dash, Tranquility, Berserk, and Controlled Madness can make or break you. Try to use escape to escape, Furious dash to chase or escape, tranquility to replenish your stamina, berserk and controlled madness to pound your enemies into the ground.